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Are you among the victims in the UK born with a birth malformation as a result of Primodos or other Hormone Pregnancy Test (HPT)?  If so, you may be eligible to join our group action and claim compensation.


The most widely used HPT in the UK was Primodos, manufactured by Schering, now Bayer  PLC. Primodos was a hormone-based pregnancy test that consisted of two pills.  It detected pregnancy by inducing a period in a woman who was not pregnant.  Primodos was first made available for sale in the UK in 1956 and was withdrawn from sale in 1978.


Amenorone Forte, manufactured by Roussel, now Sanofi,  was also prescribed by GPs as a HPT.  It acted in much the same was as Primodos except it comprised of 3 tablets to be taken over a 3 day period.


If you were born between 1956 and 1978, your mother took a hormone pregnancy test and you were born with birth defects or malformations then you may be eligible for compensation for your pain and suffering.

Essure Group Actions

An estimated 100,000 women in the UK who were fitted with an Essure implant. Essure, manufactured by Bayer HealthCare, is the only non-surgical permanent form of birth control for women in the UK. Made of a metal coil and plastic PET fibers, the device is known to slice through the uterus and fallopian tubes, migrate into the pelvis or abdomen, and cause allergic and autoimmune reaction to the materials, maiming thousands of women.


Left in crippling pain and facing limited treatment options, many women have had to endure multiple surgeries to remove Essure, a complex procedure that often calls for a total hysterectomy in order to remove the tiny metal fragments that break off from the device. Thousands of women in the UK are coming together with SPG Law to hold Essure's manufacturer to account!

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